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A brand is the personality of a product, service or company and how it relates to key constituencies: Customers, Staff, Partners, Investors etc. Some people distinguish the psychological aspect of a brand from the experiential aspect. The experiential aspect consists of the sum of all points of contact with the brand and is known as the brand experience. The psychological aspect, sometimes referred to as the brand image, is a symbolic construct created within the minds of people and consists of all the information and expectations associated with a product or service.

Sharpline understands the needs of the customers and offers its long expertise in brand building, brand positioning and brand sustenance. We offer a five step program for brand building, brand positing and nurturing your brand

1. Identify your reasons-to-believe.
Your brand promise is irrelevant if your customers do not believe it. Therefore, your promise must be supported by reasons-to-believe. This will automatically add substance to the promise and define specific expectations for the customer. We at Sharpline help you find reasons to believe in your brand. Once you start believing in your product the belief can be carried over to your clients/customers via various communication vehicles including advertising campaigns, dealer sales approaches, and customer service activities.

2. Identify customer touchpoints
Each individual step in your business process contains a number of touchpoints when the customer comes in contact with your brand. Your ultimate goal is to have each touchpoint reinforce and fulfill your marketplace promise. We at Sharpline help you to identify those touchpoints. This comprehensive trace of your marketing, selling, and servicing processes allows you to create a simple touchpoint map that defines your customers' experiences with your brand.

3. Determine the most influential touchpoints.
All touchpoints are not created equal. Some will naturally play a larger role in determining your company's overall customer experience but each has a different effect on our customers' experiences as a whole. Here it becomes important to understand which one is more influencing. Sharpline helps you to check out the most influential touchpoints which can be used to give a long term boost the company. To determine the touchpoints driving your customers' overall experience, we use a wide array of techniques ranging from quantitative research to institutional knowledge. The methods we use will depend on the complexity of your products, commercial processes, and your existing knowledge base.

4. Design the optimal experience.
Once we have completed the above three steps to building a brand, we should be able to design the complete brand building exercise. This would include the logo, Brand communication media, packaging, Outdoor, TVC, Radio, PR, Events etc.
5. Positioning the Activities Identify your reasons-to-believe.
Identify customer touchpoints Determine the most influential touchpoints. Design the optimal experience. Positioning the Activities Having started on the branding activities, surveillance is an important activity that needs to be carried out to find out the change in taste and preference of customers. This would help in changing the budgets allocated for each kind of branding exercise and directing the unused budgets to the most fruitful ones. Sharpline helps you in using your budgets in the most fruitful way.