We believe in employing only the best machines and systems to deliver quality print and reproductions. These machines are regarded the best-in-class internationally. The reason and the proof are right before your eyes.


Negi Star Fire

  • Solvent Printer with Maximum Width of 3.2m.
  • Printing Speed of 700 Sq.Ft Per Hour.
  • Printing Resolution Up To 720 dpi.

IDS - 512i

  • Solvent Printer with Maximum width of 3.2m.
  • Printing Speed of 450 Sq.Ft per hour.
  • Printing Resolution upto 720 dpi.

HP Latex 360

  • Printer with Maximum width of 5 ft.
  • Printing Resolution upto 1200 X 1200 dpi.
  • Water Based Ink.

Docan UV Flat Bed Printers

  • Maximum Print Size 2.05 X 3.2m.
  • UV Curable lnk.
  • Printing Resolution up to 720x1440 dpi.
  • Drying System with UV Lamp.

CNC Router

  • Maximum Working Area 1300mm X 2500mm.
  • 3000W DC Brush Less Spindle.
  • Cutting Material : Acrylic, Plastic Sheet, ABS, ACP Wooden Board etc.

Laser Machine

  • Cutting Area : 1220 X 918mm
  • Laser Power : 100 Watt
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness: Up to 20mm.

Cutting Plotter

  • Maximum width of 2 ft.
  • Maximum Plotting Speed: 600mm/sec.